by Stuart Neil

All piercing at Hepcat is carried out by resident piercing artist Stuart, who started his piercing career in Paisley and soon moved up to the bigger waters of Glasgow.

We offer almost any piercing from basic to advanced piercings including micro-dermal and surface work. All of our piercings are excecuted with the highest graded titanium jewellery. We also offer a wide selection of jewellery in different shapes, sizes, colours and gauges. If we don’t have anything in stock, we will always try to accommodate you when new orders arrive. All piercings are done in a separate room, where all our jewellery and needles are sterilised and opened in front of the customer. We provide professional body piercing to 14 years and older (18+ for genital piercings).

We are open 6 days, Monday-Saturday from 10:30am-5pm. Feel free to come in to Hepcat Tattoo anytime where our fully knowledgeable friendly staff are available for any information or advice you need!

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Seeing our customers happy with our work gives us a sense of achievement.