by Elise Stone

Elise has been piercing since 2016 when she finished her apprenticeship, and has been with us in Hepcat from June 2017 onwards. She performs a range of ear, oral, facial and body piercings, both in their standard and innovative placements.

Our piercer works exclusively with implant grade, internally threaded titanium jewellery from distributors such as WSBJ and QualiTi. Pieces range from plain Ti, to opals and stunning natural stones.

Elise pierces with That’s The Point hollow blades, some of the best in the business. These needles are bevelled and precoated in a silicon based lubrication for the fastest, smoothest procedure.

Always evolving, our piercer performs her piercings with a range of techniques and equipment; some freehand (without the use of tools), some fully disposable by using custom bent needle blanks, and some with classic forceps/receiving tubes. Each technique has it’s advantages for different piercings, giving you the most comfortable and efficient experience possible!

You can contact Elise at the shop facebook page, or get in touch direct here with any enquiries.

Piercing is available 5 days, Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-5pm. Feel free to come in to Hepcat Tattoo anytime where our fully knowledgeable friendly staff are available for any information or advice you need!

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