Tattoo Removal

Why settle for a dark cover-up when you can get the tattoo you always wish you’d gotten.

With roughly 3-6 sessions of laser, we can lighten your old tattoo to such an extent that the cover up tattoo you always wanted can become a reality. Using Lynton Luminette Q laser, it will leave no scarring or skin damage, and starts from only £40 a session. The speed of Q-Switching means the laser has a shattering effect when it hits tattoo ink in order to break down large particles of ink into smaller particles, with this, the body can then deal with its removal through your lymphatic system.

Here at Hepcat we remove everything from full Sleeves to small text tattoos.

Unlike other tattoo removal clinics, we are tattoo enthusiasts, and we understand the nature of tattoo pigment in the skin, which allows us to deliver better results for a quality cover-up.

Here at Hepcat we have our own dedicated laser clinic, we only do tattoo removal, and we use the very latest in laser technology, the Lynton Luminette Q, This means our laser breaks down the ink much smaller than cheaper Chinese lasers found in most tattoo studios, allowing your body to more effectively absorb the pigment, and our staff are not tattoo artists, they are highly accredited, government licensed and certified laser technicians specialising in one thing only – the safe and effective removal of your tattoo.

Why not give us a call on 0141 552 8308 and ask us for more information, or drop us a message on Facebook, or come into the studio for a free consultation where we will offer more information and advice to you to take that step to your new cover up or removing your unwanted tattoo.