To ensure that your new tattoo heals well, it is important that you follow the instructions listed here.

1. Leave the covering on for as long as your artist has advised.
2. When you remove the covering, wash the area with warm soapy water.
3. Dab the area dry with some kitchen roll.
4. Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen nappy rash cream (this can be purchased at any chemist or supermarket)
5. Repeat these steps 2-3 times a day for the next few weeks until the tattoo has healed.

While your tattoo is healing it may become itchy and a thin scab may form over the area, this is normal and it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do NOT pick or scratch the scab.

Thing to avoid

DO NOT submerge your new tattoo in water. Showering is fine, but baths are not.
DO NOT put make up or fake tan over your new tattoo until it is fully healed.
DO NOT sun bathe, go on a sun bed, go swimming or in a sauna until your tattoo is fully healed.
Try to avoid tight fitting clothing that could rub against your new tattoo.

Should you have any problems, or questions, please call the studio on 0141 552 8308